Sunday, September 20, 2015

Avoiding the Appearance of Impropriety

During the last election we had several to ask if it were illegal for a married couple to act as police chief and only magistrate/clerk for the same town. We could not find any laws against that situation except for the state of West Virginia. That state said the law was to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Certainly many think that at least that appearance has cropped up in the city of Florence. Why?

1. Elizabeth (Libby) Stockard Watts Jordan was the first...and last...Director of Cultural Tourism in Florence. Why? Was she just so good at her job that, when she left it, no one could replace her?

2. Now Ms. Jordan will be leaving as the first Director of the Rosenbaum Home. Has this job now been posted? Will it be posted to current employees only, or will even Canadians get a crack at it?

3. One of our regular readers has indicated that Ms. Jordan was the most qualified to apply. We don't doubt that's true, but the job was never opened to applicants outside current employees. Only four
besides Libby applied.

4. When Libby was hired for the Rosenbaum position, at least one of the 29 other applicants sued the city. Will there be lawsuits now over this position?

5. Dick Jordan's brother-in-law was also hired within the last year to fill a newly created post. He coordinates...projects...but never seems to report any of the statuses of these projects, at least not to the
public who are, after all, paying his salary.


We regret not being able to publish some of the comments we've received on Ms. Jordan's recent hiring, but unfortunately, funny as they were, they could have been considered libelous. Feel free to reword and send again.


News from the City of Florence? That's the title of a regular newsletter that may be found linked at several sites. Judging by the content, Florence should change it's name to Utopia...or Candyland. Surely there's some news from Florence that has some pith to it? Any intelligent adult realizes that projects are delayed for various reasons, that lack of money derails some plans, etc. Why not report the truth? Why does Florence make Gov. Bentley look forthcoming?



  1. Her proper name is Elizabeth Stockard Pruitt Watts Jordan. Her first husband never gets proper recognition. They lived over on Meridian in '79 or '80.

  2. That's called working your way to the top, isn't it? Thanks for the info!

  3. Speaking of "Appearance of Inpropriety" everyone (well, most everyone) is aware of the recent arrest and charges levied toward Ira Hibbett. His wife (for now), is Missy Homan Hibbett, Lauderdale County Circuit Court Clerk. Here is my question - court date notices, etc., that are being mailed out from her office now have "Hibbett" covered with white-out. Many who work closely with the Clerk's office are aware that they are severely understaffed, and that anything going through there will take much longer that you think it would. How much of our tax dollars are being spent to pay employees to do nothing but white-out envelopes, while things still remain backed up in a system that is already overloaded? Should it not be more important for them to actually conduct the business of Lauderdale County, than to spend time (while being paid by the county) covering up a name that she personally (and understandably) no longer wants to be associated with? This seems like it should be a completely personal matter, however, the county is paying employees to spend time covering up the name "Hibbett" on it's outgoing mail. Unless Ms. Homan (Hibbett) is doing this at home on her own personal time, and providing all the white-out being used to modify the return addresses, then this should be considered improperly using her position for personal reasons.