Monday, September 28, 2015

Just What Is a Good Wage?

Someone posted to the TD's “You Said It” site that $12.00 an hour was a good wage. Really? How sad is that? Perhaps even sadder is that we know some with multiple college degrees who make little more than that.

Those college degrees? We understand the UNA schools of teaching and nursing are required to tell applicants that this area has too many in these fields already. MBAs? We hear a dime a dozen.

Is our local problem the lack of an Interstate? Surely there's more than one problem that causes the economic starvation of the Shoals. Wait...we hear help is coming.

Yes, we understand DreamVision is again on the move. There's even a new division—PGC Entertainment under the direction of Bryan Robinson of Killen. Thank goodness, we're all saved.

So we'll have our park by 2019? Well, in case you get tired of waiting, Shoalanda still has a few ground floor investments open in her hoverboard project.


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