Tuesday, April 5, 2016

One Week Until Runoff Election

The primary runoff will be held April 12th...eight days away. Turnout is expected to be especially low. We're sure our readers are civic minded enough to visit the poles and vote next Tuesday, aren't you?

We sincerely endorse Jim Bonner for state school board place 7. We believe he has the interest of the area's children at heart and won't let this district down.

Meanwhile...in Lauderdale County, Heath Haddock is running against Rodney Pettus for the Republican slot as candidate for license commissioner. We have looked at the records and stances of these two gentlemen; both are extremely dedicated and qualified. We will not make an endorsement in this particular election; we recommend that you look at each candidate and decide which you think is more suited. The winner will face Tony Cox in the general election in the fall.


Many of our longtime readers will remember the King Cockfight blog we previously linked. King has begun to write once again; here's a link to one of his newer articles:

That time I walked in a hurricane

Be sure to subscribe to King's site and stop by to say hello the next time he makes a public appearance at Ricatoni's.



  1. Runoff is on April 12..not the 11th.

  2. You are absolutely correct; we published one day early.