Monday, April 4, 2016

A Reader on Rogersville Drag Racing

We received the following visual and comments from a reader concerning the Town of Rogersville issuing permits for drag racing in the local industrial park:

Is a wanna be reality show worth jeopardizing new jobs coming to town? We should be on our hands and knees thanking God for the new jobs that are coming (finally). Instead, permission is given for things like this to take place? We are living in a world where everyone wants any tiny amount of fame. Bottom line is that anyone who thinks this is okay is not a wise person. We need leaders now more than ever to have wisdom. Exactly who issued the permit???


The reader also sent a video which we chose not to display here, since we have no desire to give this cultural sub-group any publicity. We began watching the video with what we hope was an open mind. When it got to the young child making faces, growling, and "trash talking," this group lost any positive feelings we may have had toward it.

We read a FB post recently in which a father stated he had to convince his young son that a machete might not be the wisest flea market purchase. Apparently the father of the child in this video had no such sage advice to bestow on his son. "What have they seen in thine house?" II Kings 20:15.

A win using intelligent debate? Super! A win using trash talk? Pathetic!


If you don't believe us, just ask Jerry Jeff:


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