Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Legislature Acted in Only 23 Days?

Humorist Lewis Grizzard once said that if the NBA had been in charge of World War II, Germany and Japan would still be in the running. The same may be said about the Alabama legislature where the word “committee” is tantamount to an abandoned Walker County mine shaft.

However, the legislature actually managed to get a law passed in only 23 days. In case you weren’t keeping up with events earlier this month at East Limestone High School:

Today the legislature has passed a bill, hopefully one without any loopholes, that makes it a misdemeanor to doctor a news article, etc., or in any way produce statements implying one has been arrested for or convicted of a felony when one hasn’t.

While it’s a good law, we’re not sure how much such legislation is needed. If the East Limestone student had been arrested legally, he would have pleaded to a lesser infraction. Most who would contemplate such jokes are adults who can, and should, be sued in civil court and hit in the pocketbook where it will do some serious damage.

How about our legislature puts their heads together on the subject of Medicaid?


It’s been said that if Gov. Bentley calls a special session, our legislature will convene, then immediately adjourn in order to let him know just what they think of his leadership. This might be an enticing idea, but how much would it cost the citizens of this state?


While most entertainment media have been consumed with the death of Prince, the music world has also lost another great talent…

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