Thursday, April 7, 2016

"256 Call Out" Said; Town of Rogersville Said

We recently published a guest opinion on drag racing in the Rogersville Industrial Park. We have had several individuals relate that the town has issued permits for this activity. Did it?

If you're not familiar with 256 Call Out, it's described as a television show dedicated to Alabama drag racing. We can't find a single listing for this television program. This is from a February FB post:

Everything has been finalized with our street. If you're interested in racing, and being filmed with us hit us up. We are about to start scheduling.

If you're not familiar with Rogersville, the photo depicts a public street in the industrial park. What does the town say? This is from a spokesman:

There is absolutely NO TRUTH to the absurd claim that the City of Rogersville is selling, or otherwise issuing, permits for drag racing in the Industrial Park.

So that should clear up one point. If any citizens know of this 256 group using public Rogersville streets in the future, you know they're lawbreakers, so simply call the police.


From a reader (We've edited slightly to remove names we haven't been given permission to use):

I am in the newspaper today. Below you will read an article about painting O'Neal Bridge. I beg everyone in the Shoals to pass this story around & make sure everyone has read it and then go look at your car. SHARE this on Facebook!

My wife has a Jaguar, she loves her car. She looked long and hard for a car she always wanted and she found this garage kept nice 2002 Jaguar. She bought it. Mid November she went across O'Neil Bridge when the bridge contractors over sprayed it along with two - three other cars. She called and asked Seminole to fix it. They took two weeks to send a man to look at it, now it's after Thanksgiving. The body man they sent said it couldn't be cleaned it was down to the metal, it needed repaint. $4000. We then asked our friend C***** who paints cars he said the same thing, $3800. After that Melissa couldn't get a soul to return her phone calls. She was always told the holidays had everything running crazy and someone would call her. No one ever did.

In early January the Department of Transportation called her to check on a update. DOT made the contractor call her back and then she and the manager of Seminole got in a argument and he didn't want to deal with her any longer because she is a woman. So I had to step in and deal with it. He told me he doesn't deal with women. He had a few choice sexist words to describe his dislike for dealing with "women". I didn't want to argue with him; I just wanted my wife's car repaired. 

The manager tried to get me to argue with him but I stayed very professional and never tried to threaten or argue. Finally in late January the manager told me he was gonna send someone from Florida to clean her car. If it couldn't be done then he would paint it.
I selected C***** our friend and body guy. Once the manager of Seminole called C***** to haggle the price down, C***** would not budge and really didn't want to talk to him. The manager called me and asked me if C***** was black, then told me he didn't deal well with black people. I was beside myself wondering how this idiot has worked with anyone in his life.

Finally in late February the car was painted and Seminole would not give me the check to give to the body man, They said they would deliver it to C***** when the job was done. I sweated the whole two weeks the car was being painted. I worried they would try and stiff us and her car would be stuck at the body shop. We picked the car up and it was painted and done. Four months to get something done. 

So I ask everyone go look at your car if you see anything like a dark grey bump on your car you have been over sprayed too. Call DOT first and let them know don't deal with Seminole Bridge company. Also if it is over sprayed on cars that means their over spraying the water too and what about the fish and everything else that lives in the water?

And the O'Neal Bridge work continues through 2017. Singing River looks pretty good doesn't it?

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