Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thoughts on Bentley/Who's a Sociopath?

First, L. Stone has some thoughts on know the governor currently involved in LeftEarGate:

* I guess now everyone knows why the governor wanted nicer prisons for men and women.

* Is it just me, or when a public figure says they've been forgiven does it sound like what they're really saying is "f*** you"?

* The icing on the cake is the presiding person (in impeachment trial) will be Roy Moore.

...and on recent safety awards for local schools:

* I'm disappointed that Muscle Shoals didn't get recognized for safest walking track.


Yesterday we published this visual on our FB page. We were surprised when it got around 8,000 hits. Apparently many of our readers know a sociopath. Some were even married to one. If you're about to make any commitments, you might want to look over this check list. 

We're going to add something to the apology category. Sociopaths never apologize because no mistake is ever their fault. We don't know about you, but we've made several mistakes in life that were totally our fault and a great deal more that were partially our fault. 

Again, we say get out while you can. Run, don't walk. If not, you may find yourself in the shoes of those mothers who have lost their children to men who were just so perfect...


We understand a certain school nurse under indictment for having sex with a student is now working as a janitress, but she says not for long. She was set up. We say tell it to the judge.


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