Friday, April 1, 2016

Special: Why Isn't This Couple in Jail?

March saw a Franklin County child beaten to death. She was only 22 months old and bruised over her entire body when found.:

March also saw an arrest in the murder of a Lawrence County toddler. Besides the trauma that killed him, he had cuts over most of his body including his genitals:

Serenity's killer has admitted his heinous acts; the alleged killer of Ian has not. Both men are being held without bond until their trials.

Two days ago we posted a link to an article about Cody Allen Payton and his wife Brittany Lashae Cummings Payton. Both are wanted in Franklin County on charges of Child Abuse and Aggravated Child Abuse. Someone who knows the couple saw the article and contacted us.

We're told that Cody Allen Payton's 2008 arrest was for sodomizing a four year-old boy. Payton also reportedly forced the young boy to drink urine. For whatever reason, Payton was convicted of a lesser crime and did not have to register as a sex offender.

Cody Allen Payton
We don't know the current victims of Cody Payton and his wife Brittany, but we do know they have three sons together. We also know they need to be arrested. Several readers have commented that they see the pair in various places and are "tempted" to report them to authorities.

Just tempted? If anyone see this lovely pair, call authorities in Franklin County. Would you want them around your children?

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