Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hot Teachers? No, Just Arrested Ones

Remember Calvin's Teacher? Mrs. Wormwood

Teacher-student sex, there’s a term that may encompass a vast array of circumstances. Is anything a given?

Different age groups and genders aside, most teaching positions (that would include any school personnel) are covered by a morals clause. In other words, if you work in a school setting, you promise not to have sex with students…or to kill them even when they deserve it. The state has tried to make this basic moral principal into a law. Has it failed?

How are things going locally, or at least in North Alabama? It was only a few years ago that a Vina High math teacher divorced her husband and married a student, thereby avoiding prosecution. Should she have? We recently received this communication from a reader:

This is how a real prosecutor handles the situation of a teacher marrying the student they had sex with in order to avoid a trial:

Joey Rushing should be ashamed.

Do we agree? No, at least not in the comment about Mr. Rushing. The Franklin County prosecutor did try; he soon found that the student/husband wouldn’t testify. Even if this misguided young man could have been forced to offer damaging testimony against his wife, would a jury have convicted…or would Mr. Rushing have been wasting tax payer dollars?


That brings us to Lorie Gean Earwood, the former LPN who was arrested for having sex with a student at Florence High School where she worked. Earwood lost her license almost immediately and has now been indicted and is awaiting trial. We understand she also lost her home. Wonder if she thinks it was worth it, even though her “victim” was 18.


Earwood’s fate may hang on a Decatur case. Carrie Cabri Witt has been arrested for having sex with two of her students, both 17. Witt has hired Huntsville attorney Robert Tuten and plans on making a test case of the law which criminalizes sex between a school employee and a student under the age of 19.

We have to ask…is it worth it? Neither Earwood nor Witt, both well over the age of 40, had any long range life plans with these students. To put it bluntly, no matter your age or vocation/profession, how hard is it to keep your pants on when your job in on the line?


We’ve had some more comments concerning sources. Our sources are always anonymous. It’s easy to say we should reveal sources…as long as the sources aren’t you, isn’t it?

It’s also easy to say that certain topics shouldn’t be covered if you don’t like them, isn’t it? Readers should remember that even sex crimes against children have their supporters. Wouldn’t want to offend them, would you? Oh, you would… Just remember that you don’t get to pick which actions should be criminal…at least until you’re elected to the state legislature.

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