Sunday, April 17, 2016

YOUR Taxpayer Dollars at Work (He Apologized to Her?)

So, Robert Bentley apologized to Rebekah Mason for mentioning her breasts…and we should forgive him and move on? At least one TD letter writer has indicated that’s the wise course of action.

Certainly what two consenting individuals do is between them and God. Yet those who break their marriage vows should never be considered the best job prospects; what other responsibilities are they shirking?

Undoubtedly Bentley shirked many of his job duties when he placed “face time” with Mason above meetings with department heads. Such neglect shouldn’t be too hard to understand: The governor was fooling around with his chief adviser when he should have been taking care of state business.

That’s totally wrong, and he needs to be gone. Period.


In case any have forgotten, there has been some desk polishing much closer to home than Montgomery. Both parties are still reportedly married to their original spouses, but only one still has a job funded by taxpayers. There’s still no word or any lawsuit filed by the one who lost her job—yes, it was the female half of the adulterous pair who lost her job. Imagine that…


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