Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ethics, Common Sense, & Morals

Our state legislature is continuing with its plans to legislate an hour long ethics class for teachers. It would be required once a year and, perhaps, reduce the number of teachers/coaches/other school personnel who engage in sexual relations with their students. Many professions require extended courses in ethics before a degree is earned; apparently teaching is not one of them. Perhaps it should be since we're not so sure one hour a year will be least judging from the past few weeks.


Someone posted this to our FB page:

Several learned pundits are saying there's a greater than a 50% chance that Robert Bentley will not be the governor of this state in 30 days time. We predict that in one year's time, Bentley will be indicted on federal charges of obstructing justice. If convicted, perhaps he'll be allowed to serve his time at Maxwell in Montgomery...or he could move in with Don Siegelman.


We don't agree with the opinions presented in this website, but we encourage everyone to watch, research, and decide for themselves:


Sometimes we read extremely odd obituaries. We saw one a few months ago for a man who had lived what may be called a long life. First we read his late parents' names. Both had the same last name, which we found extremely odd, but we couldn't blame the man. Then we read of his having the same wife for 60 plus years. Someone actually had the nerve to publish this fact about the man. Perhaps his children had fared better? No, each of them had just one spouse and all their children had the same father. It's amazing what shameful lives some people live, isn't it?


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  1. So glad to know that the Feds CAN move fast. Just depends on who they're after. SMH