Thursday, April 28, 2016

287K Judgment Against Bryan Robinson

Bryan Robinson, a local investment adviser with ties to DreamVision, was a no-show in court yesterday. A Lauderdale County judge automatically entered a judgment against Robinson:

One has to speculate as to why Robinson failed to appear to answer the civil charges. Our sources have told us for some time the odds are good that Robinson will eventually face criminal charges in relation to these bogus land deals, as well as other contractual obligations that were never satisfied.


Some years ago we were surprised to learn that we were an ex-girlfriend of convicted killer Ronald Weems. We’ve also been called the ex-husband of a local teacher arrested for having sex with a student.

Most recently we’ve been called the ex-wife of “ED.” We’re sure Mr. D was as surprised as we were to learn of this relationship. We do want to thank Mr. D for his help in clearing up a matter that has been totally misrepresented and for any information he may have forwarded to us via perfectly legal channels.


  1. This can not be understood as it is written??

    1. We'll be happy to clear anything up; what was nebulous?