Sunday, April 24, 2016

Let's Do Nothing?/Your Right Ends Here

It's not unusual at Christmas to see a certain fallacy pointed out: Just because we can't give a million dollars to a charity, we're excused for not giving anything. We agree; everyone should do what they can.

It may be April, but we're seeing a lot of that fallacious thinking about events in Montgomery. Since no one has really insisted house speaker Mike Hubbard be removed from office, why insist Robert Bentley step down as governor?

At this point, the courts are presumably taking care of Hubbard. Yes, he should step down, but just because he hasn't, it doesn't follow that we should also allow Bentley to continue to lead, or whatever it is at this point he's doing.

Not a day has passed the last month that the public hasn't been informed of some shocking new revelation about our governor. Just three days ago we learned that Bentley took LaMason to the White House as his "date" for an official dinner.

Isn't it time we all contacted our state representatives and demanded they act...and act now?


Do we support battered women? Yes; however, that support ends when they take a gun and shoot a sleeping individual in the back. In other words, there's a limit any sensible person reaches in support of any cause or problem...and that includes addiction.

Our support for those addicted ends when that person no longer even tries to do right. We're pretty sure that Adolph Hitler was abused by his father and traumatized by the loss of his mother. Not too many excuse him, do they?

We're sorry when your friend/relative kills/steals/kidnaps, but it doesn't follow that any sensible person thinks he should be given a pass just because you love him. If we did, we wouldn't need prisons or jails, now would we?


This past week our blog received some criticism for linking an article about a Muscle Shoals jail inmate who died. Interestingly, the many news sources who actually wrote about this sad event didn't receive any criticism from this person.

We're pretty sure our critic simply used the inmate's death as an excuse to bash our blog, but it did remind us that we failed to mention who actually broke the story: Shoals Insider. The area's first online news source has returned to the fray the past few months, this time with mugshots as well as other legal listings. We've linked the SI in our sidebar; if you haven't been reading, you miss out on the total picture.


  1. How long do you think Shoals Insider will last this time? You don't link the QCD anymore?

  2. Obviously owners of various online news sources have varying amounts of time to work on their sites each day. The "SI" site has been totally revamped and looks good. It seems set to complete in the area for some time to come.

    To be completely honest, we don't link the "Quad-Cities Daily" anymore since they dropped our link without telling us. It was one of their critics who informed us. We debated leaving up the link, but when the site first came online, we had worked several hours getting the graphics just right for one of the owners, so we decided the best thing to do was delete the link and then we wouldn't feel used and abused over it.