Monday, April 25, 2016

Tourism? No Exact Figures

Tourism figures are out for the year 2014, but do we really know the exact amount tourists spend in the Shoals each year? No. Even hotel/motel tax fees don’t give a complete picture since many rent rooms due to emergencies at home or special occasions. Restaurants? That truly has to be a guesstimate.

Remember Colbert County said their tourism income was down, but it could be related to a hotel/motel paying its taxes late (In other words, paying two years of taxes in 2014)? That could also work the opposite way in Lauderdale and Franklin if a business failed to pay its taxes.

As for the year 2014, Lauderdale citizens have Debbie Wilson to thank for the increase in tourism revenue. Just think of the good she could have done if she had remained.


A short morality tale:

Last night, I decided to light some lovely candles behind the fiberglass draperies in my front window. Then, being hungry, I placed a large pot of stew on the stove and turned it on high. Alas, I was too sleepy to eat it, but left it cooking in case I woke up hungry. But once in bed, I decided to smoke and read as best I could by a lamp that kept irritating me by popping and crackling.

Apparently I did fall asleep, for when I awoke the house was on fire. I ran outside and encountered a man walking by. I shouted at him to take a hose and put the fire out. Do you know what he said? He said he didn’t have a hose. I then gave him what-for and told him that because of his actions, he had let my home burn down and ruined my life. I guess that really told him, huh?


We’ve posted a new restaurant review; it’s an update to Logan’s Roadhouse in Muscle Shoals. If you have an interesting review about a local eatery, be sure to send it to us. We appreciate all articles; thanks especially to H.D. for this one.

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