Monday, April 11, 2016

Maybe They're in the Corn Field?

Any theories as to where 467 residents of Lauderdale County disappeared between July 2014 and 2015? Lawrence County lost only 311, and the closing of IP-Courtland should more than have accounted for that.

Franklin County gained 104 residents. We assume there's no need to question too deeply from whence these new residents came?


A reader asked what happened to Phillip Pettus' bill to increase penalties for domestic violence if such acts occurred in front of the victim's child, etc. The bill is currently stalled in judiciary committee. As we've pointed out before, the bill needs to be edited to remove the passage of still another qualifying crime for Capital Murder designation. Other than that, we support it wholeheartedly.


Did you know that Alabama is one of only seven states which use the "Capital Murder" designation in its code. All other states prosecute First Degree Murder, for which there must be at least some premeditation. Translation: Be sure you know where you're aiming that gun and that you're a crack shot. If not, you may just find yourself on trial for your life.

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