Saturday, April 9, 2016

Poor/Drag Racing/Justice

From yesterday's TimesDailyBusiness and community leaders from throughout the Shoals got a glimpse today into life below the poverty line as they participated in the Poverty Challenge Simulation at Richards Center.

The seminar was presented by Alabama Possible of Birmingham. Did our tax dollars actually pay for any of this? Read on: The groups had four, 15 minute-long weeks to accomplish their goals including securing necessary social services, getting children to school, seeking employment and getting bills caught up.

So these "leaders" spent a total of one hour being poor, all the while sitting in the relative luxury of the Richards Center. Perhaps next time they can simply play a game of Monopoly?


On drag racing in the Rogersivlle Industrial Park:

The police have to 'catch them in the act'. It's like the drag racing that's happening out in Oakland. 'Members' get texts/tweets about upcoming 'races'. Lookouts are posted for the cops. Rogersville doesn't have the luxury of a large department. I'm willing to bet that during these 'races', any local LEOs 'just happen' to be tied up on 'other calls' on the opposite side of town.

We had just mentioned Brady Ann Irons in yesterday's blog. It seems she's taken a plea deal and will be headed south. The sad thing is that her mother is incarcerated as well, and Irons reportedly has a young child. She also leaves behind a relatively new boyfriend whom she picked up after her partner in crime Wes Akin went to prison (we actually feel a bit of sympathy for Wes). We predict her latest squeeze won't be waiting when she gets out.

We'll have more on Irons' sentence when information is available.

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