Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lori Hook: Troll Supreme

Those who have read our blog for a number of years know we strongly advocate for proper safety gear and total off-road driving for go-karts, quadcycles, etc., both for adults and children. Yet no matter how strongly parents admonish children, it’s not unusual for a child to think that it won’t matter “just this once.”

That was the case with two Hartselle teenagers this past week. Two 15 year-old girls tragically lost their lives. As if this isn’t enough for the teens’ parents to bear, a troll has been attacking those who are hurting…and the victims as well.

Lori Hook is from Cullman; her Facebook page says not to bother her unless you’re an advocate of legalizing marijuana. Apparently lobbying for the legalization of pot is not Hook’s only hobby:

Several readers have contacted us about this woman. It’s possible FB would remove her posts, but the damage is already out there. Hook’s posts would be troubling no matter the circumstances, but according to friends of the victims’ families, no one even remotely connected to the accident knows the woman.

We’re pretty sure no one wants to know her now. Our sincerest sympathies to the families of Brianna Lewis and Breanna Jackson.

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  1. Thank you for addressing this issue. As one of Briana's aunts, I cannot begin to tell you how painful these posts were during this most painful time. However, we are the ones who knew and loved Brianna-her zest for life, her acceptance of others, and her joy in living! We will not allow one dope-head's opinions or posts to taint the memories we have of our sweet girl. Our prayer is the author of these derogatory remarks comes to know Jesus as Saviour before her time on earth is over. No one is promised tomorrow! We believe in the resurrection power and know that we will be reunited with Brianna to praise our Lord together forever. Meanwhile, we will continue to cherish our memories of her and do everything possible to promote Brianna's POSITIVE impact on her family, friends, and community! RIP pretty girl.