Sunday, April 10, 2016

Still in Prison? Hershel Graham & Mitchell Terry

Hershel Dale Graham, 52, remains in prison, even after a Franklin County judge ruled that the supposedly dying man could return home. Oh, and if it isn't self-evident, he hasn't died yet either. So, why is he still in the Kilby Infirmary, where he's been since entering the system in February 2015?

There have been rumors that Graham's father is afraid of the rotund retired wrestler and won't provide a home for him. Or it may simply be that left to a diet of prison food, Graham has lost enough of his girth that he's no longer in danger of dying from his alleged health problems.

Hershel Graham's release date, assuming he isn't allowed to come home on medical leave, is February 11, 2017. Two years for taking the life of a young husband and father; not much is it? If Graham's father doesn't take in the Red Bay shooter, sources say his mother in Mississippi will give the twice married felon a home. Graham has yet to pay any compensation to the family of his victim David Andrasik.


Remember the North Florence Bedroom Intruder? If you don't, here's some background:

Mitchell Blake Terry is currently serving two concurrent 30 year terms for burglary and sex abuse. The Florence man had been out of prison only seven months when he began his North Florence burglary spree. Terry had been released on parole in 2011 after serving over two-thirds of his 2009 Lauderdale County sentence for burglary, theft, and escape. 

Terry, 35, is now housed at the Bullock Correctional Facility. He will be eligible for parole consideration in October 2022. His end of sentence date is September 2042.


One of our blogs on Mitchell Terry includes a sketch of a UNA kidnapping suspect. No one has ever been charged in that crime; however, our sources tell us a strong suspect was eventually identified, but there has never been enough evidence to convict the Florence man. If you have any information about this crime, please call Florence detectives at 256-760-6500. Your tip could be what's needed to get this man off the street for a long time

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