Friday, April 15, 2016

Bail for Berryman & Gargis?

We previously blogged about Cody and Brittany Payton of Franklin County. They were taken into custody last week; we don’t know if one of our readers provided the tip or not, but we hope whoever turned this lovely couple in will get at least some monetary reward for doing so.


That brings us to Evan Berryman of Lawrence County and Shannon Gargis of Franklin; both men are currently under arrest in connection with the beating deaths of their girlfriend’s children.

It’s been suggested to us that these men should be given bail. It certainly might not be a bad idea. These men deserve to feel at least part of what they put these two toddlers through; however, we do feel that anyone deserves a chance to repent of their evildoing, and release from jail might not provide it for these two great guys who were so loyally protected by their victims’ mothers.


Our sincerest sympathies to the family of Julia Chester. She leaves behind, among others, a loving husband and two small children.

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