Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Caption Contest/LED Signs

This photo from Robert Bentley's visit to Franklin County made the rounds a few days ago. We've given it a caption; can you come up with one of your own?  Just send your straight lines to us at Shoalanda.Speaks@gmail.com. We'll plug the winners into the photo.

What do you win? The great thrill of seeing your name, or screen name, under your unique political art. There's no deadline; it looks like LeftEarGate is going to continue for some time.


From J. Redmon:

Has anyone learned of any concerts planned for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame for 2016...or for ANY time? Meanwhile, LOOK at what Cullman, AL has managed to do: Rock the South | Cullman, Al | June 3 - 4, 2016


If Florence should adopt an LED sign ordinance similar to what's being anticipated in Muscle Shoals and Sheffield, how many current signs would be affected? Hunt's TV & Appliance comes to mind, and we're sure there are others.

We have a suggestion, albeit one that might not be doable. LED signs with large amounts of blue appear to be police when viewed in the rear view mirror. Is there some way to delete or dilute this color from these ultra-bright advertisements?

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