Friday, April 8, 2016

Our Elected Frequent Flyer

Our not so transparent governor has always been quick to tell us he doesn’t take a salary to serve as our state’s chief executive. What he hasn’t been telling us is that he uses a state helicopter to travel 15 miles. That would be roughly the distance between Florence and Center Star.

He certainly hasn’t been forthcoming with information on how much keeping his wife and his mistress separate has cost the state. No, there’s much Robert Bentley hasn’t been forthcoming about. But of course, he’s asked our forgiveness, so it shouldn’t matter…should it?


We’ve leaned that “256 Call Out” is attempting to become part of the Discovery Channel lineup, either with its own program or as a segment of a more inclusive program offering. Wonder if they will keep any arrests in the final cuts?


Speaking of forgiveness, it would appear that the drug trafficking trial of Brady Ann Irons is finally on the horizon. Irons faces a jury trial on Monday, if she doesn’t take a plea.

Sources say the former waitress is now working for an inventory service. Ralph Holt is her attorney. Hmmm, what would Billy do?

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