Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tuscumbia Makes Daily Mail/Dumb & Dumber

"Well, it is Alabama."

The above was one comment concerning an article in the internationally popular Daily Mail. What was the article? If you guessed an item detailing the mock alien invasion turned bomb threat, you would be correct.


Tony (Dumber) Olivis
Let's see...someone, quite possibly a bored teenager, decided to tell his/her friends on Facebook that a radio promotion had implied a bomb threat for local schools. Yes, and Paul is dead. Not to mention we're all getting microchipped next week. Who believes these things?

If someone were going to bomb anything, would they announce it on the radio? Wouldn't the hacked radio station just possibly call police with this little bit of news? But Dumb and Dumber, otherwise known as Tony Logan and Tony Olivis, blame the radio station for this...ummm, fiasco?

Let's talk (Tony) Turkey. It's men like Logan and Olivis, particularly the latter who should at least claim some measure of education, who hold Alabama back. We can't logically expect every citizen of Alabama to be MENSA material, but we can expect our elected school officials to demonstrate at least a modicum of common sense.

Olivis called the Star 94.9 ads in "bad taste" and added that school safety was no laughing matter. We're guessing he didn't even listen to the ads...either that or he intentionally lied. Just remember that at election time.

And Chief Tony Logan? He says he had to add extra patrols to placate parents. How about placating all Tuscumbia citizenry by repaying the salary you've taken while wasting time in court fighting a DUI charge?


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