Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lauderdale County Didn't Want it?!

One of our most astute commenters on Facebook mentioned moving the Alabama Music Hall of Fame to Veterans Park in Lauderdale County. He felt the proximity to the Marriott would ensure some steady patrons. Good idea?

It certainly shows promise, but apparently no one in any position of power in Lauderdale embraced that idea. Why? We can only assume the HOF is in such a death spiral that no one who has actually seen it recently would want it--not even to get back at Colbert County for their stand on the new RegionalCare hospital.


Liberal, Conservative, or somewhere in between? A recent comment by an old friend mentioned the conservative leanings of Pen-N-Sword. We had to think about that one. There's very little political commentary on that site--mainly local news. We have noticed that PNS publishes press releases from both federal and state elected officials.

Yes, like him or not, Mo Brooks is the U.S. Representative for many of us. All of us would do well to monitor the mindset of any of our officials in Washington. As for the state representatives who send PNS glowing commentaries of what they've been up to, we've noticed they all seem to be of the Democratic variety.

We decided to ask how these are chosen. It seems that PNS publishes the commentaries that are sent to them from our elected officials. If readers want a more...or less...liberal take on politics, encourage your elected officials to send out regular press releases


Under the topic of "Semantics Can Be a Dangerous Game," we see where some opposing a state abortion clinic have begun using the term "pre-born." Let's hope none of our Alabama legislators takes up that sadly lacking effort to oppose these clinics. Any laws to protect the "pre-born" would have to prove that those affected were indeed going to be born--something no one can do.


We've often commented on the legal problems that surround the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office. Is it the only such office in Northwest Alabama to suffer from a lack of leadership? Apparently many in Lawrence County feel that Sheriff Gene Mitchell has his own set of problems. More on this later...


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  1. Hello Shoalanda, Rodney Hall here, the recently appointed Chairman of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. I would like to invite you out to the Hall of fame to tour it? It is in perfect condition. I along with several volunteers have actually updated several exhibits for the first time in years. WE have added the Civil Wars, Alabama Shakes, Band Perry and others.... the only thing that is a death spiral is funding. With no state funding and no mechanisms to raise money set up over the last 25 years the problem is obvious.