Monday, August 19, 2013

Ronnie Willis, Morals, & Dollars and Cents

The list of those hoping to become Lauderdale County's next sheriff just becomes longer and longer with the announcement of the candidacy of Carmon Ray, retired county investigator. Yet, current sheriff Ronnie Willis has not announced his retirement.

Will he stay or will he go? Sources at the courthouse have informed us that Willis was advised to retire or "face a serious investigation." 'Bout time! Yet is that how most things are handled in this area? Apparently so....


Do morals matter in political contest? While many will answer with a resounding "yes," many others will say not if the office holder or wannabes can efficiently do his/her job. What if two candidates are equally qualified? Do morals make the difference there? We think so; remember that when voting for the next Democratic candidate for Lauderdale County Sheriff.


Earlier today, Hershel Dale Graham put up an appeal bond, or perhaps more to the point, Graham's father put up the 10K for the unemployed wrestler. The TimesDaily finally reported on Friday's sentencing, but once again reported only half the salient testimony in the case.

No, Tom Smith, not all witnesses said Mr. Andraskik pushed Graham. Those who testified that David touched Graham were his father, son, and son's girlfriend. How about those who testified that David never touched Graham? Those were two neighbors and a Red Bay school teacher who could not navigate around David's car. We can see that there are some who might doubt the neighbors' testimony, but that of a high school teacher who didn't know any of the participants?

David's family is hoping for a quick appeal, and a retired FBI agent is contacting the Department of Justice asking for an investigation into the light sentence. Was the judge in error?

While we do think Judge Terry Dempsey erred in giving Graham such a light sentence, we realize that the rotund Red Bay killer would be nothing but a money pit for the Department of Corrections. Even the cheapest of medical care isn't cheap, and obviously the state had no reason to want to take the fat man on.

Let's just hope he doesn't decide to shoot anyone else while awaiting a decision on his appeal...



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