Thursday, August 29, 2013

It Was An Alien Invasion?

No bomb threats, just an alien invasion, and a mock one at that. From WMSR 94.9:

Everyone, we have received numerous inquiries about the article in the Times Daily this morning. Of course, we were not reached for comment for the piece. They have agreed to run our take on the events of this week tomorrow. Additionally, WAAF and WAAY will be running stories tonight which include our thoughts on the matter and the actual audio featured on the air (which many of you have already heard).

We're still not sure how an advertising ploy was turned into a bomb threat or threat of something even possibly worse, but that is the Shoals. In fact, that's almost any community. We're also not sure why extra police, etc., were needed after it became apparent that the nine o'clock event was harmless. Rationales, anyone?


We understand the new Star 94 format may even be playing some real music:


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