Saturday, August 17, 2013

Who Would Let That Dog Ash Lette Out?

Everyone remember that stripper with an axe, Ash Lette, legal name Ashley Fawn Greenhill? If any should not be familiar with this Brooks High graduate, here's a link to help you catch up:

Some excuse for a member of the human race, huh? Of Ron Wikkid Weems' three co-conspirators, guess which one is coming up for parole first? If you guessed anyone but the notorious baby biter herself, you're giving the State of Alabama too much credit.

That's right, Ashley will have a parole hearing on August 21st. This smacks of a fancy attorney, but where did Ashly come up with the money? Remember--both Matthew Fox and Laurel Pruett have been incarcerated longer than Greenhill. In reality, they're closer to release than the notorious stripper, and should, in theory, have earlier hearings.

If you feel any outrage over this, you may write the parole board:

Alabama Board of Pardons & Paroles
301 South Ripley Street
PO Box 302405
Montgomery, Al 36130-2405
Telephone:  (334) 353-7771, 353-8067
FAX:  (334) 242-1809
Re: Ashley Fawn Greenhill, AIS#264119

If you want to be sure your letters are not just filed away to be glanced at and forgotten, you may write each board member directly:

Robert P. Longshore
William W. Wynne Jr.
Cliff Walker

Considering Ashley's past record, we doubt she makes parole, but considering her quick date, there may be even more influence at work than a high paid legal eagle. If she makes parole, one consolation is, judging by her record, she won't stay out of trouble long. Assuming she doesn't make parole, Ashley's end of sentence will be November 20, 2015.


Several have asked about Dr. Diana McCutcheon. She is currently housed in a minimum security facility for women in Aliceville, Alabama. The prison is approximately 50 miles west of Tuscaloosa near the Mississippi border. Her release date is April 27, 2014.


Will the Department of Justice be looking into Hershel Graham's past? It's possible. Some new information tomorrow.


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