Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Other Social Media?

Travis Clemmons has stated in the TimesDaily that family and friends of Mitchell Campbell have made threats on Facebook and "other social media." We've glanced at the Facebook pages and haven't seen any threats.

We have seen name calling--that won't make the ABI take you any more seriously. We have seen suggestions that Mr. Campbell's friends fire a clip in the air in front of their homes--a great way to get someone else accidentally shot. We have seen suggestions that the shooter needs to be raped in prison--while not an actual threat, that seems to be a universal favorite of some--see the Hydrick brothers. We have seen the number of shots listed as six by the Campbell family while the preliminary autopsy says three--an exaggeration but no threat.

We do wonder to what other social media Mr. Clemmons is referring. He does know MySpace is dead, doesn't he? Rhetoric like that just makes one feel more sympathy for the Campbells. So far, neither side is winning in the public relations race.


Florence attorney Hank Sherrod held his first news conference today in connection with the shooting. We're not sure where this will be going as far as a civil case, but we do think any depositions should be filmed. We'd buy a ticket to see that movie.



  1. Twitter is social media. Perhaps they meant that, or Google + .

  2. instagram, vine, reddit, 4chan, listservs and vairous local forums! I think you know the kinda of threats that go on in those forums! :)

  3. We checked Twitter and didn't see anything. 4chan would be a possibility we didn't think of. Don't see the family, etc., as Reddit or Instagram types

  4. The threats have been taken down. On one page someone posted, "Revenge starts today." And the "cop will get what's coming to him."

    They were pretty bad.