Saturday, August 10, 2013

Everybody Wants to be Sheriff: The Field Thickens


Lauderdale County Deputy Lowery Davis has added his name to the list of those who want to be the next Lauderdale Sheriff. Lowery joins Lexington's Augie (Family Values) Hendershot and fellow deputy Brett Martin on the Democratic ticket. Rick Singleton, former Florence police chief, is running as a Republican. Current sheriff Ronnie Willis has not formally announced his retirement, but many in Lauderdale are hoping and praying.

Photo: Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department


Earlier tonight, a Lauderdale deputy shot and killed a Central resident who was reportedly involved in a neighborhood dispute. We know that many such incidents are unavoidable, but we hope whoever is the next sheriff, he or she will focus on more training for all deputies.


Don't you love a good romance? Here's one that had a happy least for the victims. The moral would seem to be: If you have to pay for it, it may not be worth it.



  1. To clarify, Lowery is the one at right, but the one at left is cuter...

  2. The photo is not of Lowery Davis. This is another Deputy who no longer works for Lauderdale County. I would refrain from uneducated rhetoric assuming the Deputies need more training before knowing the facts. It may very well be that training led to correct actions by the Deputy. Wait on the facts.

    1. You might want to tell the LCSO that. The photo is captioned "Lowery Davis and canine Bo." Of course, the information may have come from Ronnie Willis, in which case it will be wrong 99% of the time.

      As for "uneducated" rhetoric, perhaps you mean "ill-informed?"