Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Saluting Kerry Gilbert/Protest Letters Still Arriving

Local musician Kerry Gilbert remains in ECM Hospital awaiting test results. Kerry is well known in  local music circles, operating primarily out of his home base of Franklin County. Friends say that Kerry remains upbeat while awaiting word on what could be a serious condition.

Fellow KGB band members have stated that the self-employed musician has no health insurance. Several benefits are planned, and we'll post more information as these events are finalized.


For several years, Kerry Gilbert and the KGB have headlined a monthly concert that has benefited the restoration of the Roxy Theatre in Russellville. The Roxy was recently home to several Watermelon Festival events, but it's the concerts complete with neon flashing that present the old venue at its best. Let's hope these events will carry on even if Kerry is out of commission for a few months.


If you haven't yet read elsewhere, the board turned down Ashley Fawn Greenhill's bid for parole this morning. According to DK, the board stated that letters of protest were still coming in even as the broad began today's meeting.

Letters work--both ways. Now the public is reasonably safe from Ash Lette until the fall of 2015.


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