Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No New Constitution?/Hard Times

We've mentioned the need for home rule and constitutional reform here before...not that we think it's going to happen in our lifetime. Mike Goens again brought up the subject of a new state constitution in his column last Sunday, but we didn't see scores of readers joining the bandwagon.

The last official word that we heard almost four years ago? The state legislature would be rewriting the constitution one article each year. They just failed to announce a start date. 2113, perhaps?


Guns in schools? For every opinion, there's an equal and opposite opinion. We hope the incident at Hibbett Middle School was an isolated event and not the preview of the coming Wild West show. For those who have already sent e-mails asking, we haven't found any arrest record for the father with the gun hidden beneath his shirt.


The first day of school for most local students was yesterday. Along with all the pleasantries, there seems to be a new phenomenon if we're to believe several who have contacted us and also posted on local forums.

Yes, in the 21st Century, it seems we get to kid our classmates about their summer arrests. Nice, huh? Our opinion? If you're old enough to be in Hard Times to start with, you're too old to complain about the fallout. What if it's the parents who have graced that wonderful publication? Then we suggest they get their act together or their kids will be featured in 10, 15, or 20 years.


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