Thursday, August 22, 2013

A "Judgement" on "Heroine"

A Shoals Heroine Being Used?
Several readers regularly kid the bloggers here at Shoalanda, as well as our friend at O.B.'s Corner, about our critiques of the TimesDaily. We usually call it the TotallyDecatur, while O.B. prefers the moniker TimesFaily. The latter certainly works in the spelling department.

Earlier this week the TD treated us to a story on the rise of heroine use in the Shoals, while today a sportswriter announced it was judgement day at the University of Alabama. Does our local rag need better spellers or better proofers?


Honest answer many of you feel safer now that Franklin County teachers are armed? That's what we thought. Honest answer many of you teachers out there have ever wanted to kill a student? Yep, we were right again.


The School Resource Officer at Hibbett Middle School has made the news. Why, oh, why are they called "resource officers?" Wouldn't they be more effective if dubbed "Ya better do what I tell ya or get 120 volts below the belt officers?"



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