Friday, August 9, 2013

JD's: Good, Bad, or Somewhere in Between?

It was college football practice, and the rains came. The coach saw nothing else to do but take the team inside and view some films. While screening a film on emergency first aid, the coach noticed a freshman fullback had fallen asleep.

Freezing the screen, the coach called out, "Wojohoski, what would you do if you had your nose broken in two places?'

Startled awake, the young footballer quickly answered, "Why, I'd stay outta those two places."

Many of our readers have related that they stay out of J.D.'s Glass in Sheffield. The club has been connected to two recent shootings, but neither took place on the club's premises. The cities of Muscle Shoals and Florence had the honors of cleaning up after these altercations.

The owners of the downtown Sheffield establishment have denied that the club is a menace. Perhaps one person's menace is another's entertainment? Judging from the Halloween Bash poster pictured, the entertainment might not be everyone's cup of tea...


Lauderdale County resident Donnie Johnson and the Lauderdale County Commission are at odds over the ownership of land adjacent to County Road 458 at Center Hill. We have it on good authority that a land survey usually settles such disputes. We don't know who is right, but whoever is wrong will be, or at least should be, at least slightly embarrassed by the curb controversy. Another case of no good deed going unpunished?


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