Friday, August 23, 2013

The Truth About School Resource Officers

Yesterday, we made a humorous comment about school resource officers. One who labors here with us felt it was perhaps not in good taste. The line why don't they call them "ya better do what I say or ya get 120 volts below the belt" officers was not intended to disparage these men and women who help protect local schools.

We simply feel the term "resource officer" doesn't clearly define their roles in local schools. If students and parents had more respect for these officers, it would make their jobs much easier; however, we assume if these same students and parents had enough proper respect for others, there would be no need for these officers in our schools to begin with.


The regular school resource officer for Hibbett Middle School is Matt Minor. We have not been able to verify that he was the one who held down the fort at the recent gun in lunchroom incident, but nonetheless, we hear great things about him, and he deserves the public's thanks for an often under appreciated job.


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