Monday, August 12, 2013

This Thing Called Protocol...

The word "protocol" has popped up in two recent events--both of which ended in death. Much discussion has taken place concerning the use, or lack of such, by Lauderdale County deputies Saturday night. No matter what precipitated the shooting itself, it's mind boggling that any would suggest the deputies should have arrived via the front driveway.

If the event had been a real attempted murder or hostage situation, the deputies would have been sitting ducks for the shooter. That being said, what happened after the deputies arrived seems to be the subject of debate even among the deputies themselves.

For those who have asked, no, we didn't publish a photo that included Deputy Joe Shanes because we knew he was involved in the shooting. He was simply in the photo labeled as Lowery Davis. Another fine example of incompetence in the Lauderdale Sheriff's office.


According to PNS, something unsavory has hit the fan at the Colbert County Animal Shelter. Let's hope that Roscoe's death and the lack of protocol that precipitated it will be a catalyst for needed change in that department.



  1. Shoalanda, I WAS that citizens uncle. Yes they should have used the driveway which is a 1/8 mile long, That is there JOBS.My son who is a deputy is on his second tour in Afghanistan and he knows the risks of his duty. Besides Mitch would not have dreamed of shooting at anyone. He was sweet and loving avid hunter shooting on his land at a set of targets positioned where the bullets went harmlessly into the ground. I know personally, I have been beat by 5 lauderdale county deputies while cuffed. With an eye witness that went to court with me and told what happen to me, and not only did the judge expunge the cops but charged me with assault on police officers!huh? They are thugs who are chicken s#!± who will shoot and then yell freeze.

    1. You have my sincerest sympathy on your loss. I hope the entire truth is revealed. I still cannot agree that any officer should approach an unknown, said to be holding a high powered rifle, in the direct line of fire. What if it had not been Mitch, but a crazed gunman who was holding your nephew and family hostage? The officers would have been picked off easily.