Sunday, August 25, 2013

AMHOF Ad Nauseum

If you've read the TimesDaily today, you quite possibly now know more about the problems at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame than you've ever wanted to. We are going to commend the TD for asking some questions that should have been asked long ago. Now we're going to ask two...

1. If some board members were only on ego trips and some employees only there to cash a paycheck, why didn't someone step in some way, some how, long before the HOF went bankrupt?

2. If everyone from the board to the mayors to the business leaders to Joe Bleau on the street are so concerned about the AMHOF, why hasn't at least one of them weeded the #*&^ parking lot?


On the subject of maintenance for the HOF and other state, county, and city buildings that may need just a little sprucing up, why don't some local Boy Scouts make it a project for a badge? That's only if there aren't enough cemeteries to go around...


Speaking of city properties that need some extra work, we see the vandal who spray painted racial epithets on Florence's Blackberry Trail Golf Course and clubhouse has again been arrested:


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