Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Is There Ever Justice in Franklin County?"

One of our readers asked that question of us, and presumably of anyone reading Facebook that day. Obviously there's never total justice anywhere, but we hope our system comes close. Alabama is strapped for funds, with some counties faring better than others. Franklin County is not one that fares well.

Then we have unfair laws (Read: Capital Cases) and juries who come from such diverse backgrounds that finding peers of defendants is almost impossible in some cases. It's not going to change anytime soon, but we can all lobby for what we believe to be fair.

We can't ask a prosecutor in a relatively minor case to continue if the victim won't testify. Sad, but true. We do think a prosecutor should forge ahead in a rape/murder case even if the victim's mother supports her daughter's killer. Apparently not everyone agrees.


In Franklin County, we will see the sentencing of Hershel Dale Graham on Friday. The admitted killer of David Martin Andrasik has been free much too long, but it's not that rare. It's simply most don't notice the slowness of the mills of justice until it affects their families.

Our petition to Judge Terry Dempsey will be presented to him tomorrow. We're hoping for the maximum of 20 years for Graham. He wanted to know what it would feel like to kill someone; now he needs to know what it feels like to be incarcerated miles away from family and friends (if he has any of he latter).


Meanwhile in Limestone County...the Capital Murder trial for Joel Moyers is scheduled for September 9th. Will it start that day?

It's not likely. There's a 91-page docket with 268 other cases scheduled to be heard that day. Perhaps they'll skip lunch?



  1. HA! Well, there may be some justice for victims, but there is certainly no justice for anyone who has ever WORKED in the Franklin County justice system. Once the "powers that be" have their minds made up, you're done in that town. Life ruined, regardless of guilt or innocence. I can think of at least one former judge, a former district attorney, several former district attorney employees, and jail employees who are no longer employed in Franklin County as a result of their "justice system." Franklin County is an absolute cesspool for injustice.

  2. I am a family member of David Andrasik's. I very much want to write a letter to Judge Dempsey. But nowhere, can I locate an e-mail address for him. I would very much appreciate it if you can provide one. I know it is a day before sentencing, but my pain and grief, and what Hershel Graham's actions have done to our family...besides destroy it. Thank you!