Monday, August 26, 2013

Don't Blame Spellcheck for These Errors

It's certainly easy to blame spellcheck for a number of errors in the news today. If we can't attribute errata to spellcheck, the slightly more evolved auto-correct often looks like a good patsy. Examples?

We read of a woman who wasn't going on a diet just yet because she was getting pregnant that night. In reality, she was getting Pringles, as in potato chips. A friend regaled us with an account of trying to type the name Nipper into an article while the auto-correct kept changing the man's name to Nipple.

Yet some errors can't be chalked up to anything but...hmmm...what? Again we see the TimesDaily telling us the Alabama Music Hall of Fame needs more notoriety. Really? We think the word Russ Corey was looking for in both articles was publicity. We also think he doesn't read the comments to his articles or he would have been aware of his error the first time he misused the word.

Then we recently ventured over to the Flor-Ala online to see how the can carry/can't carry battle is shaping up. Weren't we surprised to learn the Tennessee River runs through Florence. Whether this error was caused by too little geography being taught these days or too many smoking materials being readily available, we weren't sure.


Very cool video:


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