Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sweet Revenge?/J.D.'s Glass Shut Down

An old line states that revenge is like calamari, best served cold. Well, there's cold and then there's stone cold. Earlier today we saw a vehicle bearing the bumper sticker: Robert Jason Poss = Murderer. The name didn't ring a bell, but a quick look up found that in 2011, Poss shot his estranged wife, the wife's friend, and then himself. Only the friend lived.

So while Poss may have cheated justice, or revenge, by avoiding a trial, he's now immortalized as a murderer on some bumper stickers, assuming there's more than one in existence. This could open up a whole new niche for local printers. They would have to be very careful. The dead can't sue for libel, but rapists, abusers? Perhaps it's an idea whose time hasn't yet come.


Unfortunately, the sentencing for Hershel Dale Graham has again been postponed. The new date is August 16th at 1:00. Some wag mentioned the Watermelon Festival--perhaps painting the killer green and rolling him down Lawrence Avenue? I'm sure many would pay to see that.


After two shootings, J.D.'s Glass in Sheffield has been shut down. It would appear the owners are ready to pursue legal means to keep the club open. It will be interesting...



  1. Hmmph! I wouldn't let my dog darken the doorway of J.D.'s. And I don't even like my dog that much.

    1. While we've never been there, just the names of some of the acts might indicate you don't have to have a degree from Harvard of Vassar to be admitted. Also, in one of its previous incarnations, several years ago, a woman was kidnapped from the club and murdered. No where to go but up, I guess...

  2. I thought that kidnapping/murder happened at the Bama Club? I may be confused or perhaps it happened at both places, but I remember back in the 90s there was some scandal involving murder and the Bama Club goers/owners.