Monday, August 5, 2013

The Return of Ron Wikkid

Ronald Eugene Weems, aka Ron Wikkid, was in the Shoals today. Wonder if he enjoyed the 50 mile trip from the prison in Capshaw where he'll be spending the rest of his life--we hope? It seems Mr. Wikkid had two issues with his conviction.

One of his complaints was ineffectual counsel. Well, Ron, it is pretty hard to get anyone off when there's not only your run of the mill murder but dismemberment as well. So your attorney John McKelvey knows someone who's a big supporter of your victim's family. Imagine that. Did you think you had more supporters than the grieving family of your victim? Hmmm. How does your head get through that cell door?

Now we will have more appeals, but at least the Wikkid One won't have to come back to the Shoals for any more proceedings.


During Ronald Weems' murder trial, his sometime girlfriend Ashley Greenhill testified that she called in her friend Matthew Fox to help dispose of Amanda Taylor's body. She related that Fox had a reputation for that sort of thing. We asked at the time just how does one acquire such a reputation?

Sometime after we published that blog, it hit us that Fox often played the part of a grave digger in a local Halloween enterprise. Talk about life imitating art...


Signs of the times? Who knows of some local Neon signs still in use? Or at least still hanging in their original location? Leave a comment or message on Facebook if you think you know of such a sign that may not be that well-known.


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