Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gimme Shelter...

From a faithful reader:

The Colbert shelter has some very major problems and there is evidence of a pattern of negligent behavior on the part of most of the staff, and efforts to cover it up from the media.  Friday is the next board meeting.  It will be held at 10 a.m. at the conference room outside Mayor Bradford's office in the Muscle Shoals City Hall.  Prior to Richie's surprise resignation, they planned to discuss the director's position and qualifications.  I suspect they were considering simply promoting Richie.

The board consists of the three Colbert mayors, plus Emmitt Jimmar as commissioner, and one community member.  I know one of the mayors personally, and I believe he reads your blog quite regularly.  The other is politically astute enough that he probably checks in daily, and the third will hear about it from others.  My concern is that they know the media attention will not go away until they do the right thing for the animals.  The right thing would be to clean house entirely and do a wide, external search for a new director, one who is not in the good ol' boy system and instead is there because of a compassion for animals.


Are you listening, Mr.s Mayor? Mr. Jimmar? Yes, we know the travel incident you covered up for the last director. Tax payers don't want their money spent that way. You know what Spike Lee said...


Hershel Graham will be sentenced in two least we're keeping our fingers crossed. The petition was sent in today, but you can still contact Judge Terry Dempsey at this email addy:


Discussion of threats continue concerning the Mitch Campbell shooting. We've blogged that we have not seen any; that does not mean they were not out there. The Justice for Mitch page states that it won't tolerate such threats; what about personal family pages?

People often say things in grief that they wouldn't say otherwise...and do things. Again, that's why friends and family are never on a jury. Assuming there was something off about last Saturday's shooting, the Campbell family is about to learn just how slow justice can be.

A source in the sheriff's department has told us deputies believed Campbell closed a gate to his drive to keep them out. That doesn't jive with anything else we've heard, and isn't necessarily true. If true, it only raises more questions.


The Campbell death discussion and a recent online discussion on a faux military figure have both produced some interesting language. Are people today incapable of stating an opinion without uttering a curse or obscenity with it? Hint: when you do this, it doesn't make the recipient any more eager to hear your side of whatever problem you think you have.


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