Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Sheffield Demon Railroad Crossings

What's wrong in Sheffield at the Montgomery Avenue railroad crossing and similar railroad/street intersections? First a comment from a reader:

Main reason crossings are being blocked and will continue to be! Corporate Greed, just like most of America! Norfolk Southern has closed down Chattanooga yard! The result is congestion at Birmingham and Sheffield! Phil Campbell was blocked for 4 days! Railroad said due to mechanical issues with locomotives but that was a lie! It was because they had no room in Sheffield to park the train!
Now here's a short answer from D. Claytor:

More true than not. On the other hand, if they make a big enough stink it could mean Sheffield gets some cuts with jobs moving to Memphis, Birmingham and maybe back to Chattanooga. I am surprised Chattanooga got cut and Sheffield didn't. Hopefully these problems will be fixed soon. Whenever big changes are made on a railroad it takes a few months for operations to adjust and settle down. 


The newest approach to this problem is a rehash of a very old one - build an overpass with city tax money.

The Great Train Robbery?


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