Tuesday, July 4, 2017

How the Canadian Grinch Tried to Steal Independence Day

From Nigel Knorr:
It appears that the fireworks show and festivities at McFarland Park is back on thanks to Mayor Steve Holt and some other generous sponsors who stepped up and made it all happen.  I reviewed the sponsor list who helped out and I noticed one obvious name missing:  Florence Lauderdale Tourism or as I see they have also now started calling themselves, the Florence Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau.  

Regardless of what Canada Rob calls his office now, they did not step up to the plate and help with saving this event.  Is this event tourism?  Yes it is!!!  Maybe Dick Jordan didn’t want to help out, or maybe it was the incredibly educated and tourism minded tourism board who didn’t see the need.  

Well according to one source who approached the tourism director with the proposal for sponsorship, Canada Rob didn’t see the need in tourism supporting such an event. I guess he celebrated Canada Day on July 1st instead.  Regardless, it's a shame that Florence Lauderdale Tourism did not and will not have any role in this HUGE tradition for the Shoals area and beyond.  Whats next?   Perhaps they will stop sponsoring fishing tournaments too because after all, Canada Rob doesn’t fish !!!

Nigel Knorr


We don't look bad for 241! 
Happy Independence Day!

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