Sunday, July 23, 2017

Rob & Susan MIA/Do You Really Know Who Did It?

Nigel checks in:

Ridin' His Thumb to Canada?

I know for a fact that Rob Carnegie has left town this week to visit his native Canada. This would not be so strange but as we ALL know and have known for a very long time, this is HANDY WEEK!!!  The busiest tourism week of the year for the Shoals area. Does this sound like a good time for the so called Tourism Leader to be in another country?????

I looked thru every single photo that QCD took (or at least posted on their website) from the ribbon cutting that Muscle Shoals Sound Studios and Susann Hamlin, the director of Colbert County Tourism, was no where to be found. Now why would no one from Colbert County Tourism be present at this momentous occasion that is clearly a tourism attraction in said county???  Sounds like neither Lauderdale nor Colbert counties is fairing very well right now with their current tourism directors. Should we now seriously consider another direction and combine these two counties and stop duplicating services, thus saving a WHOLE lotta money and using that money to bring more tourism dollars into the Shoals???


In October, we will have been publishing this blog for nine years and have never before gotten the amount of mail we have received concerning the attack that occurred in Rogersville last Friday. In case you're the only person in the Western Hemisphere who hasn't heard, someone waylaid a Lauderdale County businessman and his elderly (and reportedly disabled) mother at Fred's, attacking them from behind.

This person initiated contact as the pair entered Fred's, and bystanders identified the man to the victims at that time. Were these bystanders correct? 

As far as we can ascertain, no one has yet been arrested in the attack. There were supposedly five witnesses and CCTV. Surely the attacker will be arrested at some point, but until he is, it's certainly best not to point fingers. It's been suggested that some of us here are friends with this young man and his father. We've never met either one of them and have no interest in meeting either one of them. We can say the same thing about the two victims.

We will also say that whoever perpetrated this attack is beneath contempt. When he's arrested, as we firmly believe he will be, we will certainly have a great deal to say, be it someone who's a Facebook friend or the president's son. There can be no excuse for his actions, and he should be punished to the maximum allowed by the law. Will he be? Probably not, but we can make sure whoever thinks it's acceptable first to verbally accost, then physically attack, two people (one termed elderly and disabled) is shamed for his actions. 

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