Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jason Dewayne Green Should Rot in Prison

There's a lot of pond scum out there. Then there are those who are below pond scum--those who make decomp smell good. Jason Dewayne Green falls into that category. Now he's lied to get a new trial.

Cold-Blooded Murderer
He's tried to damage the reputations of Billy Underwood and Jeff Bowling. We don't know Bowling. We do know Mr. Underwood and cannot imagine a more competent attorney. There is no way in Hades that Billy gave Green bad advice, but now the citizens of Franklin County will have to pay for a new trial.

Now Shay Ledlow's family will again have to go through the ordeal of reliving her death. We hope Green see's his victim's face in his sleep, but we doubt it. Men like him have no conscience. Lying and stealing are ways of life for them...and so is murder.


Speaking of Franklin County tax dollars at work, no one seems to know where Hershel Dale Graham is. On medical furlough, he doesn't have to report to a probation officer. Really? The smell of decomp permeates Red Bay as well.


There seems to be a great deal of confusion about the ownership of certain stores in the Shoals area. The Big Steve's liquor store in Rogersville has no connection with Lil Steve's chain of mini-marts. For those who wish to boycott Big Steve's, that's your prerogative. Just remember that throwing mud at his older son serves no purpose.


  1. I know that the most he can get is a prison sentence, but he should have to stay in jail as long as our sweet Shay is dead. He killed her and then lied about it. He is a monster and should have to face the music for what he has done. I'd like to see him get the death penalty and I'd volunteer to give hm his lethal injection (I'm an RN) or pull the switch on the electric chair. This man literally got away with murder. I hope that with the new trial, he gets much, much more time than he did previously. No one take a life and ever walk free!

  2. Shay was a dear friend of mine. I grew up with her and AJ. Their mother Julie is a wonderful woman who's life was turned upside down because of what that sorry P.O.S did to Shay. The day we laid her to rest a piece of all of us died. Shay was the kind of girl that lit up a room with her smile and witty charm. She was beautiful,kind,and loved life. The pain I see in Julie's eyes is a pain that I pray I never have to feel. Damn the judical system for this!!!! Justice will be served and I'll be sitting right there with Julie and AJ when it happens. I ask the ones that know Julie to reach out to her. I mean really do it. Take time out of your day to pray for her. Maybe even drop by to see her. She told me not to long ago that I was the only one that comes to visit anymore. That shocks me. Where's all of us she practically raised at? She was there for alot of us when we needed her so I say to you now why don't you drop by to check in on her? I'm sorry for the rant but this hits home for me. Julie and AJ if y'all read this I love y'all and I'm here if you need me, always have been always will be and I'll be down Sunday