Saturday, July 29, 2017

And the TD Headline Read...

Tennis court complex could be smaller? Read on and you'll see that the reduction is from 31 to either 25 or 19 and that the change would have to be approved by TVA, a process that is expected to take six months. It did seem that Dick Jordan might have been just a "mite agin" it. We still wonder what happened to plans for an indoor complex that might have been more practical.


We know the council is as eager as the rest of us to get on with the new animal shelter, but it does seem to have been relegated to the background amid all the kerfuffle about the tennis courts. Progress reports? 


Colbert County has its own brouhaha over a proposed additional .5% sales tax. Someone has said "what's .5% to anyone?" To anyone who spends 2K a month in taxable goods, which includes groceries in our great state, that's $120.00 a year. Even if it's only 60.00 a year, it wouldn't seem so minuscule if a taxman appeared at your door once a year to collect it. 

Colbert County educators might do well to remember just how much may now be purchased on eBay, usually at a lower cost and tax free in most cases. An additional tax just might drive quite few Colbert shoppers in that direction.

A meeting on the proposed tax, supposedly intended for education, is fast approaching. Flies on the wall take cover.


We see that PNS is the only news outlet reporting on the Franklin County prisoner who was...or wasn't...assaulted Friday. Was it a simple assault or something more? Was the alleged assault to a prisoner being held on rape charges? The rumor mill grinds it out, but if the rumors are true, we're not hearing anyone say they're sorry it happened.

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