Saturday, July 8, 2017

How to Take Inventory?/Tennis Zero Hour?

A man owns a small plumbing supply shop, and it's inventory time. He anticipates increasing his business by 25% during the year, so he multiplies his stock by 1.25 for inventory purposes. Wait, you say, that's not right.

No, it isn't, but we see it every day in some areas. We were reminded of this when a woman defending convicted killer Hershel Graham threw in a few words about Red Bay being the greatest city in Alabama. We love Florence; we love Athens; yet are they the greatest cities in Alabama? Mountain Brook and others might just have a few words to say about that. 

You can't have the greatest city or greatest schools or greatest anything else simply by wishing. You have to work at it. 


That brings us to Veterans Park. Will the tennis courts come to pass? We may soon know if Dick Jordan can persuade some of his fellow council members to see his way.

Jordan says the RSA's David Bronner has given his approval to the project. Perhaps after 12 or 13 years Bronner is willing to say yes to almost anything as a major tourist attraction to simply conclude that side of the deal?

Our major concern is the loss of ball fields. Will they be replaced? Will access demographics change? Will the southeastern part of the city be harmed by the loss of these fields? Let's hope the Florence City Council has some good answers for that.

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