Friday, July 21, 2017

The Great Reddit Carnegie Caper...& More!

A few weeks ago, a reader suggested we go to Reddit to look at a post about our blog. It wasn't unusual in some ways since it sought to identify some or all of those who write here. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the post was that it identified the chief writer as someone who at one time worked with local tourism. Not only that, it vilified this woman as being unfit to hold a job and glorified Rob Carnegie. That in itself should tell you something about the person who posted the topic. Not only was he out to settle some imagined score against this woman, he didn't get anything right.

The poster went on to quote a registered sex offender who counts a Killen woman as an enemy. We've always been amazed at the number of people who love to quote this pervert who likes 11 year-old girls and thinks that anyone who fights against his agenda must blog here. Not true!

Yet, the above referenced post isn't the main thrust of today's blog. As we looked over all the Reddit topics (we had never been to that particular sub-group before), we couldn't help but notice that many were extremely racist. We counted three that definitely filled that bill. Then a few days ago the three topics were removed by a moderator - a wise decision as we saw it.

While we may have missed some events on the timeline, shortly thereafter a poster who was apparently impersonating another contributor offered up two articles on individuals wanted in the Shoals. We'll name the quoted publication - the Quad-Cities Daily. The QCD had posted only a press release from the Florence police and had not offered up any additional comment either good or bad. In other words, there was nothing racist about what the QCD published.

Yet both the wanted men are black, and the moderator seemed to see racism from the poster (which certainly may have been there since he was dishonest as to his identity). The mod mentioned that both posts came from the same source as one reason for removing them, as well as some very real ones.

The unfortunate thing about the whole debacle is that anyone not familiar with the QCD would have believed it to be some kind of racist publication. We hope the owners will contact the mod and ask him to reword his rationale for removing the posts. The imposter poster could just have easily linked PNS which had its own extended version of the BOLOs. In fact, we did link the PNS versions to our FB page and saw absolutely no racism there. If anyone sees racism, we suggest you contact the Florence Police Department which issued the alerts.

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