Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Colbert-Lauderdale Detention Center?

Colbert County wants and needs a new jail before some state agency takes over the old one, or more to the point closes down the current dilapidated one. Lauderdale County needs more room. Are the two needs compatible?

Juvenile penal facilities have been combined for some time, so it's legally possible to merge the two detention centers. What are the chances this will happen? We'd say two, and our readers know what those two are.

Now that the Lauderdale County Commission has instituted a program allowing inmates with chronic illnesses to serve their time at home with electronic monitoring, the jail population should be reduced to at least a small degree. More and more sentences are being served in community corrections, further reducing the Lauderdale jail population. 

What of Lauderdale County population in general? Between the years of 2010 and 2014, the population increased by only 400. We're sure business leaders hope this trend changes, but county officials need to consider every alternative to add room to Lauderdale's facilities before they commit to a multi-million dollar project with Colbert County. 


Forgive our humor here, but Poodles has a hard head in more ways than one. The official verdict is now six shots: Two to head (neither penetrated her skull), one to right arm, three to chest. That's not counting that some bullets splintered and left fragments in various places, probably causing the conflicting reports as to how many times the Florence woman was shot.

Jessica LaShae Dye's mother has said that in her "confusion," Poodles perceived the UNA shooter to be an assailant. She was trying to escape and get to the ER at ECM Hospital when she failed to negotiate the corner of Pine and College Streets. 

Poodles' mom also informed press that most of her daughter's previous arrests were for drugs and not violent crimes. Perhaps it slipped her mind that Poodles had been arrested in Sheffield for assaulting her younger brother...the one who has now ostensibly hired an attorney. 

It also seems that Poodles went to prison for eight months for cocaine possession in 2014. You mean that wasn't enough to teach her a lesson? She's currently facing new cocaine possession charges from September 2016. Things don't always go better with coke.

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  1. I have to say that this 'Poodles' gal is probably one of the luckiest individuals alive....taking that many shots and still walking around. Someone ought to be writing a movie-script for her.