Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Luther Strange/Magic Dust/Girls with Knives

Will any of you be voting for Luther Strange for the U.S. Senate? If you plan to, please write us and tell us why. There is no perfect candidate out there; sometimes there is no good candidate at all. There is always the lesser of evils. We don't feel Luther Strange is either of the above. More to come.


From a reader:

You probably own magic dust. So many folks do. Everyone needs protection.

Everyone has a brand of dust they prefer and their own model of squeeze bottle. It's a major business here in our country. My wife carries that glittery stuff that just turns an attacker into a frog. I prefer the kind that maims or kills, but that's just me.

I hear people wanting to take our magic dust away from us. Some say the government already has storage facilities to hold all our dust. What happens then? You think the criminals will turn in their magic dust? It's made to last hundred of years, so how long will it take to confiscate it from the bad guys and neutralize it while we sit at home afraid to go out at night without being turned into a pink dragon and robbed?

No, there are no answers to that question, so let's all keep our magic dust. Better the bad guys are turned into flying monkeys than me.


Our reader has given us all something to ponder...or not. We will say this: Now we have teenage girls carrying knives to meet their enemies on street corners. Do their parents care? The answer is one word spelled with two letters.


  1. Your blogs are getting harder to decipher with each one. I cannot make any sense at all about this magic dust you speak of. Would you care to elaborate?

    1. It was a guest commentary; we inferred it was an analogy about guns, but each reader may infer what he or she likes.