Sunday, July 16, 2017

Missing, Missing, Missing, Missing!

Police report that as of three days ago the Shoals and its surrounding areas have a new missing person to add to the list. There have been conflicting reports about the status of the Tuscumbia woman's phone; we can hope she will return soon and all will be well with her and her family. What about the other three?

Susie Lanier - Mrs. Lanier has been gone five weeks. Her purse and cell phone were left behind. Lanier may return to her family, but we'll be honest enough to comment that the odds are pretty long on that and get longer each day. If there was a crime committed, things are complicated by authorities not knowing if the event took place in Tishomingo County, Mississippi, or Colbert County, Alabama. 

Shawn Childers - Mr. Childers has been missing from Lauderdale County since September 2016, or roughly 10 months. Childers' family believes he was the victim of foul play and have incriminated his roommate David Randall Nix who has been caught out in several lies. Without more than circumstantial evidence, authorities have not been able to make an arrest.  

Janson Brewer - Mr. Brewer has been missing from Lawrence County, Tennessee, since August 2016, or roughly 11 months. It's entirely possible that Brewer and his companion simply left the area in an attempt to start a new life, but his family desperately wants to know where he is. 

Perhaps you have a small piece of information that you feel has no value. Let authorities judge. Contact them at the numbers listed. We all need help from time to time. How would you feel if this was your family?

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